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washington, dc area fine art photographer frank stopa launched his career only a few short years ago. the lead-in to that career began over 30 years ago when he trained in photography & darkroom techniques for work in the civil service. later, he began shooting cloudscape & then underwater images before shooting & producing video & still imagery for ocean non-profit, Discovery Deep. he continues his 'adventure' shoots with themed photo series he now presents in his fss exhibits virtual gallery.

today, he creates minimalist, fine art images of landscapes, cityscapes and underwater scenes. he's installed his art in the homes of private clients in the United States and Canada, has contributed works to exhibits in the United States, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, and has featured in solo exhibits in the Washington, DC region. he also offers black and white, low light portraits for clients and provides photo editing and restoration services. since the coronavirus pandemic, frank has taught virtual photography workshops and presented his photography on history and environmental topics in virtual discussions.

frank's exhibits & accomplishments

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