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the iconic Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport is silhouetted against the setting sun.

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a diver ascends to the surface of a Virginia lake after visiting the wreckage of an old, discarded truck.

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memorial in the pool

the Lincoln Memorial sits regally above the reflecting pool in Washington, DC.
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gothic passage

afternoon sun illuminates a passage high up within the towers of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

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lighthouse on the sound

the Robinson Point Lighthouse protects mariners from the shoals of Vashon Island in the Puget Sound.

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promenade into the past

the port side promenade deck of the SS United States harkens back to the days of Trans-Atlantic travel.

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the monument

the Washington Monument stands watch over the National mall in Washington, DC.

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the way up

rudimentary steps lead to the top of the small tower at the Gates Fort gun battery protecting St. George, Bermuda.

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up to the clouds

an abandoned Bermuda dock seems to point out to sea and sky.

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the New York City skyline viewed from the southwest.

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standing on history

an explorer examines the wreck of the WWI wooden steamship SS Caribou, discarded at Mallows Bay Park, the western hemisphere's largest ship graveyard.

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old pier, new bridge

the almost 100-year old Tacony-Palmyra Bridge overwhelms its predecessor the rotting pilings of the original ferry pier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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abused and abandoned industrial buildings become the targets for graffiti along the Delaware River shore of Philadelphia.

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upper cells at eastern state

the upper tier of a cellblock at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia attests to the brutality of prison life.

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since 1906, the remains of the SS Peter Iredale sit decaying on an Oregon beach.

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SS United States

the SS United States sits abandoned at a pier in Philadelphia. the cutting edge ocean liner retains to this day the Blue Ribband Award for the fastest Trans-Atlantic crossing.

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