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an igneous boulder from a volcanic eruption sits in place as the sedimentary layers in which it was embedded erode away at the Cabrillo National Monument.

published in Black & White Minimalism Magazine, Edition 14, December 2018

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descent into earth

a diver prepares to descend through a maze of twisted trees and branches into the Orange Grove Sink near Luraville, Florida.

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early morning light and the sandy residue of tidal waves accentuates the natural arrangement of pebbles and stones near Piney Point, Maryland.

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surrounded by the sea

a couple, seemingly 'surrounded by the sea', walk the beach at Olympic National Park in Washington State.

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ascent from bedfordshire

divers cling to the ascent line during a decompression stop after visiting the wreck of the HMS Bedfordshire, a WWII grave site off the North Carolina coast.

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the waterman

a fisherman heads into morning river fog in pursuit of his catch.

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at sea

a lone sailboat plies the waters off the coast of Redondo Beach, California.

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alone under the sun

a solitary blue gill patrols a rocky wall under piercing sunlight at a former gravel and stone quarry in Central Virginia.

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above the surf

a cormorant rests calmly above the California surf.

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wind meets earth

a gnarled coast live oak links the valley floor with the wind near Santa Ynez, California.

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river crag

a cliff creates a boundary between the waters of the Potomac River and the State of Maryland at the Great Falls of the Potomac.

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pier and moon

the fishing pier points toward a sickle-shaped moon in the moments before sunrise along the Virginia shore of the Potomac River.

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thousand island house

a small house sits alone along the shore of the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada.

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merritt's mill pond

ageless bald cypress trees stand the test of time in the Florida Panhandle lake.

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former glory

The remains of a cypress tree on a Florida lake attest to its 'former glory.'
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A tree is 'isolated' by flood waters after heavy rains in Virginia.
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