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la sunset

the descending evening sun and the rising marine layer produce a minimalistic and ethereal landscape on the Pacific Coast of Los Angeles, California.

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dawn on the water

early morning colors ignite the sky and reflect in the waters of a Potomac River estuary in Northumberland County, Virginia.

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striated sky

striated clouds filter the setting sun on the Pacific Coast of Oregon.

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memorial in the sky

the United States Air Force Memorial reaches through a pure blue sky above the Washington, DC region.

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bridge at dawn

the lights of the thousand island bridge shimmer in the dawn light as well as the water of the St. Lawrence River.

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a diver preparing to descend into a subterranean, underwater cave is silhouetted against an incredible blue sky in Florida's 'Cave Country.'

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the inside of the dome of the Ponce de Leon Hotel at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL.

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florida skyline

the setting sun prepares to disappear behind a St. Augustine, Florida skyline.

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drakes beach

a panoramic view from the cliffs above Drakes Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California.

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wetland dawn

pre-dawn sunlight begins to illuminate a marsh in North Carolina.

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study in green

a small frog camouflages itself amidst the duckweed at the Celery Farm Nature Preserve in Allendale, New Jersey.

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malibu sunrise

the morning sun rises over the fishing pier at Malibu, California.

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ravenel at sunset

the Ravenel Bridge provides futuristic silhouetting against a Charleston, South Carolina sunset.

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mirror creek

calm, mid-morning sunshine transforms Kingscote Creek in Northumberland County, Virginia into a perfect natural mirror.

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sunrise in the reeds

reeds along the shore of a Potomac River estuary show the first hints of sunrise.

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bahama sunset

a stormy Atlantic storm clears just enough to reveal a brilliant sunset in the Bahamas.

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  • registered with Hahnemuehle's My Art Registry.
  • each fine art image, and certificate of authenticity, bears a holographic seal for security

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