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frank stopa is a washington, dc area photographer who launched into his passion for photography in 2013 after winning an underwater photo contest in north carolina. since then, he's enjoyed creating digital landscape, cityscape, adventure and underwater imagery. an avid diver and history buff, frank enjoys combining these loves with his passion for photography. he regularly works on photographic subjects that examine history, the marine world and 'the human touch' we've had on our world. he further enjoys highlighting these topics in his blog. when not out shooting or diving, or both, frank serves as CEO of dc-based non-profit Discovery Deep, which produces 360-degree video, video and virtual reality to highlight the importance of our planet's oceans and waterways. frank contributes photography, videography and production work to these projects.

frank has exhibited images at the headquarters of the United States Geological Survey, the Jo Ann Rose Gallery in Reston, Virginia and at the RAW Artists' DC Connect Showcase. in addition to www.fssphotography.com, a selection of frank's limited edition works is available through the Loudoun Arts Council's Loudoun Arts Market, an arts council in Loudoun County, Virginia, of which frank is a professional member. additionally, frank first published work 'boulder' appeared in the December 2018 issue of Black and White Minimalism Magazine.

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